Weighty  Vote 

intensive termless voting

Make your voice decisive!


A voting participant may submit several votes for the selected option, depending on the time of voting.

During voting, one additional voice is counted every five seconds.

Accumulate votes while browsing the web


The widget displays the number of votes given from the current web page, as well as for the entire time you visit the website.

Votings are held perpetually with daily summing-up


The statistics of the daily voting results are available for the entire voting period.

Create your own votes


Suggest voting for universal voting from different websites


Create votes for your website

Individual design


The widget can fit well into the design of your website, keeping it consistent with the design style. When placing a widget, its color scheme can be individually defined.

Easy to install the widget


To install a voting widget on a website, it's enough to place the HTML-block on its pages.

If the website is based on the WordPress or Joomla content management system, you can further simplify the installation of the widget using a special WeightyVote plug-in.

Ease of use


WieghtyVote widget does not show ads, does not require registration, does not distract the visitor's attention, is ready for use right after installation.

Start using

Select a vote

Place the HTML voting block on the pages of your website

Download plug-in

Install the plug-in for WordPress or Joomla